3d people -hitting your success at the top of the stairs

Without name dropping, here are some examples of how we have helped some of our clients succeed in their ITFM projects.

    A large Pharmaceutical distribution company: When we first engaged, they had no services defined. We gave them the framework to begin building their service catalog, designed and implemented a service costing model, a budget model and a model for assessing vendor compliance. They saw immediate cost savings during the project via process optimization. They leveraged their models during enterprise restructuring to better align with the business. They have continued to grow and mature in their ITFM journey based on this framework and recently completed a ‘what if’ analysis as part of a system integration that saved them millions of dollars.
    A Global Media Company: We completed a demand management maturity assessment that allowed them to make smart decisions about where to grow and mature their existing systems and processes next. By prioritizing with data-driven decisions, they were able to maximize the value f their efforts and investments.
    An Insurance Analytics Company: Lead the project to move them off of a legacy IT Service costing system and designed and implemented a modern Business Service platform that included cost, budget and variance models that were used during the budgeting process. They saw a reduction in Budget cycles from days or weeks for each manual calculation in the legacy system to hours, allowing them to focus fewer man hours on crunching numbers, and meeting their budget deadlines for the first time in years.
    A Beauty and Medical product research, manufacturing and distribution company: Assessed readiness and designed their Infrastructure Shared Services Rate and Cost models. Assisted with the development of operational procedures. They leverage this system to communicate with their internal IT customers and to better manage ongoing infrastructure costs. It was critical in decisions on what and when to move to the Cloud. We have returned for several advisory consultations including an enterprise expansion of their existing system that helped them right-size their next steps
    A Power and Utility management and distribution company: Realigned a broken legacy process and model to make it useful to the business and operational on an ongoing basis. As this company moved through a major restructuring, their models provided insights on the cost of IT that drove decisions.
    A Healthcare/Insurance Company: Assessed readiness and maturity to assist in tool selection and provided gap analysis to guide their implementation
    A Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Company: Designed their first service costing framework and implemented Phase 1 of their Service Costing model, which provided them with end to end transparency of costs not previously available. Continuing to work with them through additional phases of design and development.