Release Summary:
HROS™ 2.0 added backend performance improvement that allowed us to include compound dimensions, significantly increasing the rows of metrics calculated without impact to the customer. This release adds several new categories of metrics which give the customer visibility of workflow through the Recruiting and Hiring processes for Talent Acquisition.
• TT Metrics™ or TimeTo Metrics™. These metrics can be combined to view larger segment work flow. Out of the box, we are also including the most common summary segments – Time to Fill (TTF) and Time to Offer (TTO). For companies who want insight into the flow of work through the Hiring process, but who do not have mature data sources for that process, we have also included a summary segment of Application Date to Hired.
• Process Segment WIP ( Work in Process) HROS™ now calculates WIP metrics for all segments of the standard Recruiting and Hiring processes, giving detailed information about process workload and opportunities for cost savings, streamlining and improved work balance. A classic “Open Requisition” WIP view is also included from the point of starting to fulfill the requisition to when the requisition is filled. This is included for organizations with less trusted detail data and for organizations who want a simple, fast way to compare the TTF with WIP along that same segment.
HROS™ 2.0 also significantly expands the number of dimensions for which the HR Standard operating metrics are calculated. These segments include expanded Region Groups, expanded Business hierarchies, job types, resource types, and new Classifications. Classifications allow customers to customize to their business needs.
This release includes an expansion of the core data model to include a model for Performance Data. This allows for the calculation of metrics with targets. These may be financial metrics, SLAs, or any other KPI with a published target.

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