IT is not the only entity concerned about Business Services. When we developed the Thavron Business Service Framework cropped-TBM-Manifesto-2.png, we built a generic framework that applies to the management of all domains.
Today, we are pleased to announce the release of HROS 1.0, which is our first tool to apply the framework concepts to Human Resources (HR). This first release of HROS (HR Operating Standards) is focused on Talent Aquisition Metrics and is available exclusively through Aspen Advisor’s Pando Platform.
HROS is a cloud based metrics engine that is capable of accepting data from a variety of data sources – Applicant Tracking Systems, CRMs, databases and excel to name a few- mapping them to a standard process and data model and calculating a complex set of metrics (150 in this release) that plug into Pando’s visualization and notification system. These metrics allow HR to measure metrics that improve productivity, track financial activity and measure recruiter utilization and effectiveness.
Contact us for more information or a demo of the combined power of HROS/Pando.