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ITFM Advisory Services: When you are building out your team or undertaking a project, sometimes you just need an expert perspective to ensure your success. Contact us for information on ITFM Advisory Bundles

Maturity and Readiness Assessments:Leveraging the Thavron Framework, we assess your system, data, processes, and governance maturity. This quantitative and qualitative assessment provides the analysis you need to prioritize your next steps and ensure success in each phase of your journey.

Data Assessments: Our proprietary algorithms are put to work to give you quantitative and visual analytics in a report that will identify data trouble spots and highlights the power of your data relationships. Our most popular assessment is a CMDB Health check that quickly provides a report that identifies CMDB data gaps and guidance on key attributes that are useful in Service Cost modeling.

Business Service Definition and Catalog Creation:While many organizations have implemented IT Service or IT Component catalogs, making the leap to a Business Service Catalog is a first step to creating Business Value. Our experts bring in leading practice domain straw-men and work with your team to refine the Service Catalog framework to your particular business needs

Tool Selection Guidance:From requirements gathering to vendor interviews and demos, we help guide your team through the process of selecting a vendor so you end up with the solution that best fits your organization. There are a growing number of vendors in this space, many of them providing strong solutions. Let us help you navigate the marketplace without regret.

Report and Dashboard Design: Leading ITFM software platforms include an array of out of the box reports, but these often do not address your specific business metrics. A custom suite of dashboards and reports can quickly increase the adoption and ROI of your purchase.

ITFM System Implementation:We work with a wide variety of service providers in the industry, providing both design/advisory consultation as well as hands on technical implementations. Adding our consultants to your team as experts and advocates ensures that your best interests are designed into your solution.

Service Portfolio Definition and Management:The Thavron Framework allows our consultants to provide advisory, modeling and dashboard solutions for full life cycle management. This includes the following services:

  • Demand Management Maturity Strategies
  • Service Risk Planning
  • Service to Business Value Stream Mapping