Do you need a Partner?  

Thavron’s advisory services assist companies in unlocking the full potential of their Shared Services initiatives, driving efficiency, accountability, and profitability across the enterprise

Businesses continue to demand that Shared Service providers like IT, HR, Marketing, and Legal provide increased value while spending less. Do you find yourself needing to make strategic cuts, consolidating services and applications, or defending your budget?  Working with a partner who has years of experience guiding clients through these same challenges can help you identify opportunities more efficiently and effectively

 AI and automation grabbed the imagination and product designs of the business, and they are projecting returns, but not understanding the full impact on the IT Shared Service costs.  Working with a partner who has years of technical and cost modeling experience can help you design and model these new services and have critical value discussions with the business and executives. 

As Cloud providers develop and make available services that change how the business works by providing market and consumer intelligence, process automation, AI Advisors, and assistants, the cost management of this falls to the IT team behind the scenes.  Working with a partner with FinOps experience and training can help you build a FinOps Roadmap and implement or improve your FinOps program, bringing your business and cloud engineering teams together to deliver best value.  

Why Partner with Thavron? 

  • Thavron brings a wealth of accumulated experience., Our core team were practitioners before coming to Thavron, Thavron has spent more than a decade assisting numerous Fortune 1000 companies, Government Agencies, and NGOs with software implementations and domain growth.   
  • With Thavron’s expertise, companies can expect streamlined implementations, meaningful metrics, and enhanced financial governance. These lead to improved cost transparency, identification of cost savings opportunities, and data-driven decision-making within your department. 
  •  Thavron is a strategic partner throughout the Shared Services journey, providing valuable guidance and advisory support beyond the initial implementation phase.  This ongoing partnership ensures that companies maximize the value of their investments over time.  Whether fine-tuning existing processes, adapting to changing business requirements, or scaling up capabilities to support organizational growth, Thavron remains dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial management objectives.   

There is a revolution happening in business, and we are here to ensure you navigate it successfully.

Accountability, Transparency and Value for the business bottom line are critical for success in today’s competitive market. The old model of cost reduction within isolated budgets is Broken. Business Service Portfolio Management requires that you be able to measure and manage the cost, value, risk, quality and delivery of your services.

Although IT was first to adopt the service revolution, companies are now viewing everything as a service- IT, HR, Engineering, Marketing, etc… This new operating model requires domain experts to define, decompose, cost and manage the full life cycle of Services.

Thavron Solutions brings expert knowledge,a services life cycle model,and a powerful data tool set to ensure your services add real value to the business bottom line.