About Us – IT Value and IT Financial Management ( ITFM) Experts

Defining and communicating the Value of IT for your organization can be a challenging undertaking. It is more than a set of actions- define, model and manage your services. It is more than a set of metrics that assist with monitoring the health and alignment of your IT Services to the business bottom line. IT Value discussions and reports become the touchstone between IT, the service provider, and the business to ensure IT is bringing real value to the enterprise....

About Us – IT Value and IT Financial Management ( ITFM) Experts

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Empowering your Journey to IT Value Discussions

Right Tool. Right People. Right Process … How do you choose?

Options continue to grow- choosing a platform is challenging. The Thavron experts know the market and guide you to find the right fit for your best success.

Visual Presentation can be the KEY to SUCCESS. How effective are your ITFM / TBM reports and dashboards?

Too often, the strategic design of analysis reporting is added as an afterthought.  Because it is the last part of a project, it is transformed into tactical reporting, rather than...

Struggling to explain the ROI of your ITFM automation system? Post Implementation Advisory supports your strategic journey

Thavron Post-Implementation Support packages empower clients to provide a return on investment for their companies beyond initial cost savings opportunities discovered during the implementation process. Description of Services: Initial Roadmap...