Press Release: Thavron/Ranzal ITFM Partnership

“This collaboration brings a unique intersection of technology, strategy and implementation expertise to the ITFM space,” stated Matt Bradley, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Oracle. “We see a compelling opportunity to further strengthen the bonds between the offices of the CFO and CIO and bring a common language to the business,” added Bradley.
Both Edgewater Ranzal and Thavron Solutions will attend the 2017 World of IT Financial Management conference in New Orleans from August 7-11.

Data Readiness Assessment- ITFMA Workshop Slides

While we never recommend an engagement that is supposed to “get your data ready” for a Service Costing or TCO activity, we strongly believe that a company should understand their data before they start engaging vendors and creating model designs.
Here are the workshop guide slides from our Workshop on this topic at the ITFMA conference in Atlanta this week.