It was a 6am conference call type morning, and I found my self at 5am, sitting drinking coffee and reading through LinkedIn headlines while my brain woke up. The one about working for smart companies‚Äč caught my eye.

Although the article focused on moving your personal career forward,  as we choose technologies to recommend to customers, we use the same rule of thumb the article recommended for  evaluating the tech that companies use.

As that 6am conference call progressed, I heard the same questions coming up.. Is it HTML5? How does this do triggers and notifications? How does mobile access look and feel? I was proud that we had chosen tech  (in this case Metric Insights and Aspen Advisors) whose approach to doing business aligns with the future growth of how customers want to use technology.

We are always looking for interesting new technology partners, if you are a tech/tool provider, or have a favorite provider – please share.  We are vendor neutral, but we are glad to share and highlight vendors who we think bring the right stuff to the game.