A Business Service Catalog provides a point of strategic alignment with your organization. How are you connecting?

Want to change the conversation from Service Cost to Service Value? It all starts with having a common language that the business can understand. Defining Business Services and not just technical services is the first step in bridging the gap between IT and the Business.

Thavron consultants bring decades of experience in designing business services to the table- and ensure that your organization has actionable levers for IT Services.

Customized Business Service Definitions:

Leveraging any framework that meets your needs ( e.g. TBM or Gartner) we start with industry standards and then customize to fit your unique business needs. Customizations are limited and carefully added so that you have benchmark-ability maintained.

Machine Friendly Deliverable:

The resulting Business Services is also provided in a flat-file format to be imported into your ITFM/TBM platform of choice.