Thavron Post-Implementation Support packages empower clients to provide a return on investment for their companies beyond initial cost savings opportunities discovered during the implementation process.

Description of Services:

Initial Roadmap Development

Progress does not happen without goals and a plan on how to achieve them. Every year, Thavron works with you to develop or update your strategic roadmap. The roadmap examines and plans for activities across People and Process, Governance, Data and Systems, and Modeling and Reporting.  This is collaborative work with you and your team that encompasses about a full week of work for our team.

Pre-Budget Cycle Review of Services and Reports

Before you launch your organization’s planning cycle, Thavron does a deep dive into your model to review your services and reports in order to make a recommendation about any changes or updates that should be considered for the following year.  In addition, a WebEx/remote conference with your team guides you through an examination of the need for new services that should be considered as you enter the planning process.

Review of ROI opportunities and roadmap milestones

It is easy to be so busy with monthly processes, keeping up with organizational changes, and fulfilling new requests for analysis and reporting that potential opportunities for improvement or organizational cost savings go unnoticed.  Thavron’s deep dive into your model and data help to ensure that you do not miss opportunities to highlight and champion organizational opportunities for improvement.

Weekly Advisory Touchpoint

When you are in a period of rapid change or have large goals for growth in order to transform your IT Financial Management principles or your organization at large, Thavron’s weekly touchpoint helps you to stay focused and on target.

Additional Advisory hours

No matter how mature your processes are, organizations have changing service requirements.  Advisory hours are set aside for times when you need expert advice, a sounding board or an outside perspective on proposed or implemented changes.  Advisory hours are scaled for the anticipated level of change at each level and do not roll over. 

Passes for Thavron Educational Workshops

Investing in the people on your team may be one of the most important decisions you make to ensure success.  Thavron offers quarterly one-day educational workshops for ongoing team development. Passes for workshops are included in each package and can be used by one person for multiple events, or by multiple people at a single event.  Passes do not guarantee seats, so clients should register early for the training they desire.  Onsite educational workshops can be arranged for an additional fee.