ITFM/TBM System Implementation

Automation tools can take your life from a grind to an analytics dream.

Having ITFM/TBM experts on your team during implementation means that you get to leverage experience from many previous implementations to make your project proceed on a fast, tight timeline with less rework.

Our consultants can guide you through the implementation process, advocating with the software vendor for design and implementation outcomes that will bring you actionable outcomes that provide ROI.

We have had great results working with customers on the following during the project:


  1. We have proven templates and tools for gathering and tracking requirements through design and into user testing and provide you with a living document you will use for the lifetime of your implementation
  2. We have experience in use case and test case creation. If your team has less experience in these areas, we can supplement your workforce and train your folks to make future model growth streamlined and controlled.


  1. We know the places your data is hiding, the sources that will serve you best and have tools and templates to help you quickly evaluate the maturity of data and if it will be useful for your requirements.
  2. We speak the language of IT Ops and quickly help you build deep working relationships with the peers you will rely on through ongoing operations, and who may eventually be some of your customers.
  3. We have custom algorithms and tools that can take large data dumps and quickly assess their health and usefulness for cost modeling.

Model Design:

  1. From years of working with clients on implementations, we have leading recommendations and can help you to quickly decide on the best business rules to use as proxies if your data needs to mature.
  2. We act as an authoritative domain knowledge source for your team to reference and learn from during the design and implementation process, allowing them to mature more quickly


  1. Thavron provides templates for socialization decks that effectively help you to communicate the model design to stakeholders and get sign off before build proceeds.  We can build the decks for you and act as an authoritative reference source as you hold those meetings
  2. Thavron provides templates for communication decks that effectively show the results of modeling for stakeholder sign off after the build. We can also build the decks and help you run stakeholder meetings if desired


  1. If needed, we provide tools and templates that help you to operationalize your implementation and allow you to focus on analysis and results
  2. We deliver a roadmap at the end of the project with our observations about your recommended path forward.
  3. We partner with your IT Finance team to make sure they receive the documentation and training needed from any vendor for best success.