Strategic ITFM/TBM Roadmapping

How do you measure success? 

Will your reports, metrics, and planned analysis support the Strategic Decision-makers and show IT Value? 

Having a Roadmap helps ensure aligned business success 

Progress does not happen without goals and a plan on how to achieve them. With our Roadmapping Service, Thavron will help you develop or update your ITFM/TBM strategic roadmap so that it prioritizes and plans for activities across the core pillars of People and Process, Governance, Data and Systems, and Modeling and Reporting. 

Understanding Dependencies and Pitfalls 

Thavron Advisors have a deep understanding of the potential pitfalls and linked dependencies in the work you need to do. The roadmap we build with you will help avoid rework, blind alleys, and misalignment. 

IT Cost Optimization: 

As an IT Finance or IT Business Management office, you provide the financial metrics that allow IT Directors and Service Owners to best manage their IT investments. Having a comprehensive roadmap provides you with a plan to ensure your efforts will produce the information that your IT Management needs to right-size their budget.  

Business Value and Strategic Decisions: 

How do move projects forward and navigate their dependencies so that your analysis provides the executive team with the information they need to make strategic decisions? What reports and metrics should you provide that will empower the CIO and their team to lead discussions with the business about the value of IT?  Our roadmap workshops will ensure that you have prioritized and planned the work needed to support your executive team. 


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