Corporate IT today is not your Father’s IT.

Consumers are no longer confused or afraid of technology. It surrounds them everywhere, and they carry it in their pockets. They feel they are the masters of technology, so raising questions or probing “why” about cost or performance of Corporate IT is easy and natural.

When a manager can take their corporate card and order IT services from companies like Amazon, Skype, Box, and Cloudera at the click of a button, Enteprise IT has to consider the customer experience and define IT Business Services that make it easier for the consumer- not easier for IT.

Corporate IT needs to stop feeling threatened by growing cloud enabled services and change their role so that they are the concierge, or trusted advisor to the business, enabling smart business decisions.

We had great discussion around this topic with the folks at ITFMA’s 2014 conference in Norfolk earlier this month.  the presentation slides are available on Slideshare– if they raise questions or water cooler discussion for you, reach out and let us know.