​We have been interviewing new contractors lately, and it has caused me to pause and think about the Thavron culture. To work well on a project team, you not only need the right intellectual skillset, you also need to work well with the rest of the people on the team.

The Thavron culture can best be summed up by the phrase “Work hard, play hard, grow steady’.  Project teams dig in, focus and get the work done. We also understand the importance of  blowing off steam and getting a little silly once in a while.   Most importantly, we are firmly focused on steady growth.  Not an “exponential today, lay you all off next week” sort of growth plan, but a constant stream of growth that continues to raise the level of business over time.

We are a completely virtual team, so we need people who work viturally as easily as they do shoulder to shoulder. I look for someone who can shift from being part of a face to face team onsite with a client to working with from their couch in front of their fireplace without missing a beat.

The world is a constantly changing place, and we are all on a constant learning curve.  People who work with us are continous learners with an ability to dive in and pick up new materials and tools quickly – through experimentation in addition to reading. We are defining this new domain, which means that we are writing the book on it- there is no text book to learn this yet. ​

If this sounds like an environment you would thrive in, reach out and introduce yourself. Send us what we need to know at info@thavronsolutions.com.